The minute Christmas ends we start thinking about next year. I tell myself every year that I am going to start shopping early and be ready in time for Christmas. I make lists of the things people tell me they would like for Christmas and keep an eye out for the product. I don’t like to buy things too early because I can’t keep presents for long. It’s one of the reasons I have fallen in love with online shopping, they will wrap and ship to you. So the person who is receiving the gift really does have to wait. That’s what I tell myself anyway. The problem I have is those I’m buying for are out there already buying stuff they say they want for the next Christmas because they can’t wait that long and they wonder why I love gift cards so much.

Gift cards are truly one of the most unappreciated gift items out there. When I suggest to someone to give a gift card they usually turn up their nose and say how impersonal it is. I laugh and say how can it be impersonal when the person gets to pick out what they truly want? I love them and enjoy getting them as a gift. If the person is a true shopper they will also appreciate it and know that when the day after Christmas hits or New Year sales hit they will be walking out of the store with bags full of goodies.

I have found that everyone has a different approach to Christmas when it comes to buying gifts. There are those that like to start shopping the day after Christmas when things are on sale. There are those that pick up items off and on throughout the year and there are those of us that wait until Thanksgiving or the week of Christmas and hope everything ships in time. I joked this year that we should just wait until the day after Christmas and buy clearance items, it could be fun who knows what fun items we could walk away with for cheap?

If buying year round is something you have set out to do find a place to store your gifts that’s easy to remember where you hide them. There is nothing worse than forgetting where you hid a gift and having to rebuy it at the last minute. I try to keep myself on a budget of what I am buying for each person this helps in searching for items. Buying gifts for people should be fun and enjoyable not a chore that gives you a headache at the end of the day. If buying year round can keep the headaches away then who is to say it’s not the way to go? Happy Shopping