50 weeks until Christmas seems like a long time away. If you think of it though it can sneak up on you if there are projects you want to get done before the holiday arrives.

In 1992 my sister went into the hospital for a liver transplant. She was in and out of the hospital many months and in those months she needed projects to pass her time. She was at a transplant hospital in Dallas which is 4 hours away from where we live. I didn’t get to spend all my time with her but when I did she usually wanted us to do projects together to help pass the time, watching tv can only pass so much of a persons time. We had gone to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s and bought a variety of crafts. One of the things she wanted to do was paint ceramic ornaments to put on our family Christmas tree. I was hesitant to do this as I was less skilled at painting than she was but it meant a lot to her to have me do this with her so I gave it my best attempt. What I found out about myself was that even though my ornaments may not have been as skilled as hers were they are still a memory that I made with her. It passed the time, we remembered things from our childhood that made us laugh. When she was too sick to paint we set the ornaments aside and picked them back up when she felt better. We finished every ornament we bought and proudly put them on our tree. My sister passed after the New Year in 1993. I am proud that I have these memories of these ornaments with her and enjoy taking the ornaments out every year and placing them on my tree remembering the moments in making them.


We didn’t have a lot of spending money while in Dallas so what money we did have we spent as wisely as we could. So finding the ornaments had to be a cheap project or we couldn’t have done them. Making the ornaments is easy and honestly inexpensive they can be found at Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or Amazon. The ceramic ornament can be bought individually or in a packet with paint and brush.  At the time we bought our ornaments Hobby Lobby kept them almost year round so it was easy to go and pick them up. Now it is easier to find online instead of in stores. We didn’t have a theme to our ornaments, we wanted a variety and we bought what we liked. If you have looked at your local craft store and there are no ceramic ornaments to be bought then try online stores. This will allow for buying a certain pattern in bulk or buying multiple varieties of ornaments. The paint is easy to purchase either with a package deal or as a set, most come with brushes.

Once you have chosen your ornament you are set to make the ornament for your tree. The ceramic does not require any presetting. It is ready to paint as is. Have fun with your ornament and make it a memory to remember. Even though there are new painting accessories out there from when I made my first ornament that doesn’t mean you should pile them on the ornament. Simplicity is the best way to go and a less expensive way to go. Not that you can’t get creative but the point of making these is to enjoy the time you are spending with others or what you are making for yourself or giving as a gift. If I have learned anything from office Christmas parties, personalized ornaments are the hot gift.

I hope you have as much fun making your ornament as I did with my sister and I hope you have cherished memories with your ornament as I do with mine.

Happy January everyone, just 11 more months until the big man gets here!