I find one of the most heartfelt gifts to give a person is needlework. This is a labor of time and love for what the maker is doing for the person they are making the design for. I enjoy cross-stitch, my love for cross-stitch goes back to when I was a teenager. I would buy the stamped cross-stitch patterns at Wal-Mart and try to turn them into what was shown on the cover. Sadly what I ended up with was a lot of knotted thread and hate for the craft. It wasn’t until my sister became ill and required a liver transplant in 1992 that cross-stitch came back into my life. When you are in and out of hospitals a person usually has a lot of time on their hands and my sister loved crafts and she always wanted me to the projects with her. So when she learned she would be in the hospital for quite some time she made sure she had projects to keep her busy. Cross-stitch was one of those projects. I still couldn’t stitch to save my life, kept getting the thread knotted up but I tried for her. My sister passed a few years later and I was left with all of her art and craft material. I didn’t know of anyone that cross-stitched so I made myself pick the needle up again and try. It was like I had been stitching for years. Now each time I stitch I think of her and I think a part of that reflects in the pieces that I make.

I bought this pattern set several years ago and have never gotten around to making it. I decided this was the year to start those projects I’ve been putting on the back burner.

The kit comes with step by step directions on how to begin stitching the design. The legend called for using one thread for the cross-stitch but I elected to use two strands as two strands make the design stand out.

I didn’t run into any problems until I came to hanging the glass. The instructions stated to wrap the silver cord around the top silver bands. When I did that the bands moved and left the piece off center. I am up with the solution by cutting the remaining cord for the hanger and using leftover pieces of cord to tie a know at the top of the bands to secure the bands in place making it easier for the hanger to not move. I was able to bring the two pieces of cord together and the top and tie a knot for hanging.