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4 quick ways to create personalized Valentine’s

When I think of Valentine’s Day my mind doesn’t do straight to flowers and candy, well a bit to candy but more toward a personal gift to let the person know I didn’t run out and grab something in a hurry. I have listed 5 ways to create a personalized Valentine for that special someone in your life. A special someone doesn’t always have to be a spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend. It is someone that means something to you in your life that you love. I have given Valentine’s to my mom on occasion, best friend and yes to my spouse. Those close to you will appreciate their personalized gift because it came from the person they care about. You.

Create a photo collage of special pictures from over the years you’ve been together. This is pretty easy to do and relatively inexpensive. A photo collage can be done from a computer program on your computer and make a photo cube, you can use a photo app on your phone to assemble several pics together, have printed at Wal-greens, Shutterfly or any other photo site. Find a nice frame and add the photo. Multi-window frames can also be found, insert pics and a photo collage is made. If giving a photo frame write a personal message on the back of the frame to the person who is receiving the gift. This makes the gift more personal and heartfelt.


Create a video of memories that you can share with your Valentine letting them know how much you have enjoyed the years together. You are probably saying to yourself a video of memories is just like a photo collage but it really isn’t. While a photo can capture a moment in time a video shows more details of the moment. Who doesn’t have wedding pics to show? What about that video clip that no one saw right before the wedding of the father kissing his daughter before walking her down the aisle or the pic that no one captured of the husband staring at his new spouse from across the room in amazement? Or the moment the bride’s veil catches on fire from the candelabra as she turns toward the minister from handing her bouquet to her maid of honor? Some memories are not always captured on film or our phones but video seems to catch all the ugly, funny and embarrassing moments of our lives and who better to share those moments with than the one you love?

Create personalized cookies with messages on the cookies. Who doesn’t love cookies?What better way to say I Love You than on a cookie? This can be done in many forms of cookies. Does your loved one only like chocolate chip cookies? Then arrange message to spell out words with the chocolate chips, if sugar is their favorite cookie icing or sprinkles can be used for the words. Have fun with it and let that special person know how much you care for them with a batch of cookies made from the heart.

Create a personalized card. This can be done in many ways especially with today’s technology. Cards can be made on computers, most have programs for cards or go back to your grade school days and make a card in whichever direction your artistic talent leads you. Pinterest is always a great way to find ways to make a card from simple to really elegant. I found a wonderful board with an enormous amount of free printable cards. Find a card that is right for your Valentine and make their day.





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    1. Yes followers are my goal. I was let go from my job in January and I am giving blogging my full time attention. Fingers crossed!

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