Palm Trees in food court alongside Riverwalk

Monday-Day 1 in San Antonio

I’m not counting Sunday as we did not get into town until 6 pm. Thankfully nothing uneventful happened, traffic was great considering where we were going and only a few stops to get here. Once we were inside the city limits we stopped by my families house for dinner and a short visit then headed to our hotel on the Riverwalk.

Joanna’s conference is being held at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter so our hotel is in the same place. After a long days drive and a lovely visit with my family, we were ready to crazy into a nice bed and sleep. So it was refreshing when we pulled up to the Marriott Rivercenter and see these lovely faces eager to take your car and whisk you inside their very air-conditioned hotel. I could have slept in the lobby I was so tired. Luckily I didn’t have to do that a nice Porter (in shorts I thought were made up for comedy shows ) arrived with a luggage cart and loaded all our luggage onto and wheeled it to our room. I felt like royalty having a porter take our luggage to our room, take everything off the cart and hang clothes in the closet. The room was nice and cool, roomy with a bed made from hell. I’m pretty sure it was manufactured by the ACME Brick Co. I’m so excited that I have a week to sleep on this thing. I read somewhere once that sleepy on too soft a bed will give you a bad back, not sure what sleeping on bricks will do for you. Crumble your spine?

Aside from the bed from hell we both grabbed a bed and hit the bricks for the night. While Joanna is at her conference I decide to hit the Riverwalk in search of, no idea. Hey, I’m on vacation. I don’t have to search for anything.


Rio Cruise boat in front of Rivercenter Mall

The location of this hotel is great, only a few doors down is the Rivercenter Mall. I hit that to see what was going on in the mall world today. Turns out when you visit on a weekday and not in the summer when kids are out of school, the mall isn’t terrible. Usually, when I visit my family in San Antonio it falls in summer or we venture to the mall on a weekend, always full of people. Today has been so nice. I took my time through the mall, one vendor stopped me to ask if I was looking for anything. I smiled at him and said No, No I’m not. It was truly a great feeling. After I walked the mall more than I should I found a lovely ice cream shop, Marble Slam Creamery. I bought an ice cream took it outside and ate it while watching the tourists ride up and down the Riverwalk on the boats.

RiverCenter Mall and patio area on Riverwalk

While sitting at my table a little Chinese family took the table next to me. They became ecstatic over ducks they saw in the water. Not just the kids, mom, grandma as well. They were speaking in Chinese but they kept saying duck and laughing this wondrous laugh that made you smile actually it makes your heart smile to know people are happy about such things as ducks swimming in a river. I ate my ice cream while listening off and on to the family talk about the ducks later pigeons. Eventually, I finished my ice cream and gathered my things to leave. I rather hated to leave the family and their excitement but Dad and additional family members brought food and I knew they would need my chair so I left to walk down the Riverwalk. It’s something people should do instead of riding the boats all the time. San Antonio has put in a lot of money and thought to make the pathways easier for people to walk on and enjoy the Riverwalk. I truly enjoyed my time. I was ready to get back to my room and cool off, it is rather warm out today. I wouldn’t have it any other way I’ll take warm weather over cold any day of the week.

flower box on Rivercenter Mall