Beach time!

After we ate lunch and shopped for touristy things we made our way back to our condo and got ready for our day at the beach. I want to say how sorry I am that we were not able to stay longer at Niki’s Place. This was a wonderful location and the condo was truly a great place to stay. We were only able to catch the two days open at a great deal and we took them. I am already trying to find time to make my way back their for a girl’s retreat 🙂

Niki’s Place had everything you could think of for the beach, a cart to carry all of your stuff down to the beach, pails and shovels for those sand castle designers there were even beach towels for anyone who did not bring one with them. I was quite impressed with what I discovered. We chose not to take advantage of all the goodies available. We had brought our own towels so we were going to tackle the beach as if this was our lake at home, towels on the ground and sand in your face.

Laura and I hit the water first she was so excited to dive in nothing short of a shark was going to hold her back. Josh stayed on the shore keeping an eye on our things while the great sea adventurer dove to find sea shells. When we returned to shore it was with news that the lady beside us had offered us an umbrella and chair set as her friends had called it a day and they were already paid for and someone should use them she said. So we found ourselves moving to lounge chairs and under a lovely umbrella for the rest of the day. What a way to spend your day it was truly wonderful. It was Josh’s turn to take Laura out and they went further into the water than I did (he’s much taller than I am waves would have knocked me down). I moved our stuff to the umbrella and set up for the day..ahh

Deep into the water they go

One of the amazing things about the ocean is how deceptive it can be. Standing on the shore looking at the water it looks so deep then you notice there are people walking about several hundred feet in front of you. As Josh and Laura learned the further they walked there was a sand bar that you could stand on and still be far enough away from the shore yet not so deep in the water. Laura did learn that the further out you go the strong the waves get and how easy it is to be swept away. Luckily Josh was with her the entire time to keep her safe. She had a great time and loved every minute of it.

We stayed at the beach until the sun started going down and the beach staff began collecting the chairs and umbrellas. We were sad to see the day end, wanted to have another day and for time to stand still but we had one wonderful day and know that at some point we will return to this lovely place.

As the sun went down these little fellas started moving in to feed off the sea life in the water

We headed back to our condo with smiles on our faces and sand all over us. I swear we took back half the beach in just our shoes, blankets and what clothing it could attach itself to. LOL! Thank goodness Laura had a second pair of shoes with her because the pink shoes she took to the beach was done. I tossed those things in a paper bag and waited until I could find a power hose to clean them off (I found them at her house a few days ago still on the back porch with sand still on them, I brushed my hand over the sand just to remember our time at SPI). We showered and got cleaned up for dinner. We ate at a pizza place we had passed on your way to The Original Dolphin Watch, the reviews were good so we went to check it out. Russo’s New York Pizzeria was the name of the place and it was great. Laura and I had their Stromboli with 3 toppings of our choice. Josh had their Bianca pizza which Laura ended up having a few slices of despite the fresh arugula on top. The restaurant had a lovely atmosphere, very laid back it had the feel of an Italian restaurant. I know when we go back it will be one of our places to revisit. I’m sorry for not taking any pictures of our food. I’m still new to posting pics and I always forget to pull out my phone and snap photos. I’ll get better I promise. If you visit their website the photos online do not lie the food looks that yummy.

Before we headed into Russo’s Josh stopped into Island Style surf shop. He saw they had OluKai shoes and wanted to check them out. If you haven’t tried these shoes I highly recommend them. They are worth every penny you pay for them and they last years. He has been wanting a new pair and hadn’t found what he has been looking for in shops here at home. He hit the jackpot at Island Style they had exactly what he was looking for and at a price he was happy with. He bought new shoes and we ate a great dinner. It was a great way to end our last night on the island.