As Thanksgiving draws closer to us we naturally start thinking of Christmas. As with Christmas come the out pouring of music and movies on loops until the holiday ends. In all of the madness that Christmas can be comes a book that gives that feeling of coming together and wanting to keep Christmas alive all year. I know Dickens showed us and it is a timeless classic but do those of us today really take it to heart or smile and wipe away the tear and turn off the movie?

The Thursday Night Club is a six-part adaptation Podcast by best-selling author Steven Manchester. This Christmas themed novella is a coming together of college friends and how one friend has inspired her close friends to find a way to give back to society, not by giving money in a red pail but of their own time and true want of doing.

The Thursday Night Club is first a book which has been created into a Podcast. I am going to be honest and say this is my first Podcast. I’m use to audiobooks but a Podcast differs by multiple cast and at times music thrown in. It differs a bit from audiobooks yet takes it to another level with a wide range of cast members. I was surprised at the end by the celebrity actress. Will you recognize the voice?

The story begins with Jessie talking about how her college friends began The Thursday Night Club. A group of students who come together out of need at first, to support each other over school work, having weekly dinners to unwind after finals. They all grew quit close. At one of the dinners Jessie had told them how much she loved Christmas and how her family would do a Gift of Giving each year. She explained to her friends how giving back is so rewarding. In typical friend fashion a competition was made and Jessie was to be the judge, as she was an old hand at doing Good Deeds. They could not discuss what they were doing, couldn’t ask for help and would present what they had done at their Thursday Night Club Christmas dinner.

What each of them found out was that while giving their time or volunteering to help somewhere you actually find a bit of yourself along the way. A few even stumbled and thought all was hopeless but they kept at it, for the love of their friend.

This Podcast will be made available November 19 on  Apple Podcasts