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A Special Story for all ages

If you haven’t read the story of Guy the Beagle you are missing out on a sweet story of how a rescue dog went from shelter, to Hollywood to Buckingham Palace.

Guy the Beagle was lost in the woods of Kentucky until he was found and placed in a local shelter which was a kill shelter. The shelter was in Montgomery County in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. The shelter reached out to another shelter A Dog’s Dream Rescue in the hopes Guy could be adopted out to a forever home.

Lucky for Guy his picture was found on Petfinder by Meghan Markle who contacted the rescue to inquire about the sweet beagle she had found online. A Dog’s Dream Rescue emailed Meghan an adoption application and returned to the rescue within 10 minutes. The rescue had never had such a quick response before. Meghan knew this was the dog for her and that he would fit in with her lifestyle perfectly. Once Meghan and Guy met each other there was no doubt the two were meant to be together.

It wasn’t until a bit later that things really started to turn around for Guy. Meghan started dating someone called Harry who happened to live in London. As things turned out this someone was no other than Prince Harry of England and he had proposed to Meghan and now they would be moving to England and going to live a whole new lifestyle.

Meghan has come together with authors Camille March, Michael Brummell and illustrator EG Keller and put together a wonderful story of His Royal Dogness, Guy The Beagle . The story takes the reader on a ride of Guy being rescued from Kentucky to living with Meghan in Hollywood and then moving to London and learning to be Royal. This cute story is one we all can relate to as a fish out of water story and understanding not fitting in. But it just takes one person to make us feel like we belong. For Guy who wasn’t sure if he would fit in with The Queen’s corgi’s was made to feel right at home by Queen Elizabeth herself. I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to share it with my niece. This is a story that will never get old.

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It’s a Jolly Holiday Gift Guide-Petlandia

Christmas can be a hectic time for many people and finding gifts for loved ones can at times be trying. What better way to give a gift than to make a personalized gift especially for those pet loving friends and family who enjoy anything with their pets name or picture on it.

Petlandia is a hand-illustrated personalized to the owners pets. The pets photo will be inserted on the cover of the book and throughout the story as will the owners name. The dog or cat can be specific for most breeds. When ordering the book you can even chose the eye color, fur color and if you want the pet to have a collar or not. You can choose from one pet or two depending on who the book in being made for. The story is a fun tale of adventure, fame and home. Any pet owner will love having this book of their furry friend. The book starts out at $30 which in my opinion is a pretty good deal when buying a personalized gift. There are a few extras that will increase the price but not terribly. I was lucky enough to have one of these lovely books sent to me and it is truly adorable and I can’t recommend it enough.

In addition to personalized books you can also have your pet go on an adventure with Grumpy Cat in Petlandia, who does’t love Grumpy Cat?

If a book is not of interest to you then check out the Petlandia selection of mugs, feeding mats, wrapping paper and t-shirts. All personalized to the pet of choice. I have honestly fallen in love with all of their products. I can’t wait to see my girls faces on other products.

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Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree



Christmas used to be one of my favorite times of years. I was the girl that could have Christmas all year around. I love everything about it. I couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving to be over so we could drag out all the decorations and reminisce about the ornaments my sister and I made at school. When I was a small child, my dad’s parents owned a nursery and their gift to our family was giving us a tree. What I loved about the trees as they were big and flocked. If you haven’t had a flocked, live tree in your house, you must have one. It was like having a snowed tree from outside in your house. We lived about two hours from where my grandparents lived.  So, when it was time to bring the tree home, we would drive to their house, load the tree in the truck, and come back home.  I would watch the tree the entire time. I was so afraid the coverings would come loose and we would lose the tree. If that happened, I wanted to make sure I could yell at my dad to pull over so we could save the tree. Thankfully, nothing ever happened and we had our tree ready to put up when we got home. The flocked trees stopped when I was 10, my grandmother died and my grandfather just didn’t want to carry on with her business.

As this was the first year without my grandparent my parents had the idea to get a tree still with the roots on it so we could plant the tree in our yard after Christmas.  We brought the tree inside once we had everything set up. We had to keep the tree in a large pot of dirt so the roots could be kept watered and not dry out. My mom wanted to do an old-fashioned Christmas with strings of popcorn and paper chain link garland. We worked for hours making those decorations. What we didn’t count on was the dog. We went out one night to visit relatives and left our dog alone in the house. When we returned from visiting, what we found was a tree on the ground with all the dirt dug out of the bucket. Apparently, if you put a bucket of dirt close to a dog, she will dig and knock over your Christmas tree. We were able to salvage the tree, but we decided from that Christmas on we would have to settle for a fake tree. Lesson learned.

Maybe I love Christmas so much. because it seems to be the holiday I spent the most time visiting family and family that lived far off would fly in or drive in to visit for the holidays. It was exciting that people from far away as Texas and even California were coming to visit. We didn’t have family that lived in the East or overseas. Now it’s nothing to have people from these places visit. It’s easier to hop on a plane and be here in a few hours or even hop on your computer and visit online, but in the 1970’s, long distance phone calls were expensive and chat, text and video phone calls were not discovered yet.  My dad’s grandparents always had a Christmas Eve dinner at their house. I loved it. All of the family that could make it would come to dinner.  The house would be bursting with bodies. Between the food cooking and the heat from the number of bodies in the house, the windows would fog up.  In the middle of winter, doors would be thrown open because the house would get so warm. I loved walking through the house and eavesdropping on the various conversations. Sometimes I would just sit in front of the tree and stare at the lights and all the presents piled in front of the tree. My great grandmother’s tree was one of a kind. It was an artificial tree bought sometime in the 1950’s or 60’s. We were never sure, but I loved that tree.  It was of a type of plastic, no needles fell off and you just put the branches in the color-coded slots on the tree trunk (over time those colors wore off so it was a guessing game). I think my grandmother would appreciate the fold out trees of today; she and that tree went a few rounds several times. 🙂

Now, I find myself a bit lost at Christmas because most of my family traditions are long gone. It’s not that I don’t care for the holiday; I just don’t find it as magical and wondrous as I once did. Will that wonder ever return? I’d to think so and have to believe that it will and new traditions will be made.